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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you follow school terms?


We do not follow terms. We run throughout the year with the exception of public holidays and the Christmas & New Year period. You can join a regular group at anytime provided there are spaces available.

How do long does an enrolment last?


Enrolments renew monthly automatically, if you would like to cancel an enrolment, we require 2 business days notice prior to the enrolment renewing. We do not offer a pay per session service.

Can I have a trial?


Trial classes are charged at $30 per class and are subject to availability. Please contact us for availability prior to attending any Sydney Lions Sessions, as your child will not be permitted to play without doing so.

Can I pause my enrolment?


Enrolments can be paused for a minimum of 3 weeks, If the group you would like to join is full upon return you will be placed on the waitlist until a spot becomes available. Priority will be given to those on hold when a spot becomes available.

Can we do a make up class?


A minimum of 24 hours notice prior to a session beginning must be given to qualify for a make-up class. Make-up classes are valid for 1 year and are only available to children currently enrolled with us. Our full policy can be found here


Can I send a friend instead?


Yes, you can send a friend in your place provided they are age appropriate and you have given us notice prior to the class commencing.


How do I order a uniform?


Sydney Lions uniforms, socks, balls, and shin pads can be purchased here.  

What footwear should my child wear?


Flat runners for all indoor sessions, studded boots strongly recommended for outdoor sessions.

Do we need shin pads?

Yes, as of 1st March 2024 it is compulsory for all children over 5 to wear shin pads in our sessions. Shin Pads can be purchased here and will be delivered at the next available session.  

My child is too young for the group, can they join anyway?


We strongly recommend putting your child into the correct age group for them regardless of prior experience. Once the coaches have assessed their performance, we can then recommend if the most appropriate age group for them.


What happens when it rains?


Our weather policy can be found here.

Can my child join the competition team?

Competition selection is by invitation only and is based on child performance in Sydney Lions sessions. Signing up for training sessions does not guarantee your child will be selected for weekend competitions.


As of 26th February 2024, children that are not enrolled and not training with Sydney Lions will not be considered for team selection.

More information in regards to competition teams can be found here


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